Q: How much space do I need to start a cremation garden?

A: Very little space is needed to design a cremation garden. Life Remembrance can help you identify “infill” opportunities in various locations throughout your cemetery.

Q: Who designs and installs the product?

A: We work with a number of different companies to assist with the design and installation of a cremation garden. We can also offer guidance if you choose to install the project yourself.

Q: How long does it take to get started?

A: The longest portion will be between ordering the product and delivery of the product. In the meantime, Life Remembrance can work with you to develop opportunities to pre-sell your new cremation merchandise.

Q: What kind of a budget do I need to get started?

A: You can start with a very minimal budget. Life Remembrance can help you grow your small cremation garden and boost your revenues.

Q: How are Life Remembrance products different?

A: Our products are different than any other cremation garden products in the marketplace. They take into account the customer (with beauty), the cemetery (with revenue) and perpetual care (with patented designs). There are no other cremation garden design providers that look at your cemetery in the way that Life Remembrance does!

Q: Do I have color and finish choices? If so, in what medium?

A: Ultimately, you can specify the colors for anything you choose. Prices will fluctuate depending on which colors you choose. We offer many options in glass and metals as well to accommodate your discerning taste.